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Welcome to Minute Wash

The Complete Detergent Powder with all new Micro Emulsion Technology
"Bharat ka Sabse Tej Detergent Powder."

Easy Wash

Cleanign the Clothes was never that much easy as it by Minute Wash

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Clean Clothes

More Clean And More Colorful Clothes are now Easy to Maintain.

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Save Money. Save Time

A Better Cleaning in Limited Time With less Efforts and at Very Low Price.

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Care For Clothes

With all new Micro Emulsion technology, Minute Wash gives care to your clothes.

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Minute Wash clean your clothes in minutes

Surprisingly Effective on stubborn stains, normally impossible for common detergent.

Cleaning of clothes

  • Hand Wash
  • Washing Machine Cleaning

Have you ever thought why it takes so much time and effort to remove tough stains from your kid’s clothes? This is because regular detergents do not dissolve completely and settle at the bottom of the bucket and make it impossible to remove that stain completely.

Minute Wash with New Micro Emulsion Technique, gets mixed with water very easily, gives power to remove tough stains like mud, ink, oil, chocolate very easily by hand wash only !!!


How We Do

Minute Wash removes stains without any intervention in your washing machine.

Being a user of branded washing machine, you still have to rub your clothes to remove stains? Blame it on your regular hand-wash powder. Minute Wash is specially designed to work in the high water environment inside your washing machines. Now onwards you don't ned to take tension about rubbing clothes after giving a wash in washing machine.



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